The Hotel Saint Jacques** Logis de France is located in the center of Valence, the "Door of Southern France", on the Way of Saint James.


As first Drome city (prefecture), Valence takes the best of the economical and cultural dynamism of the Rhone region because of the proximity of Lyon and Grenoble.  But Valence remains a city with human characteristics, sunbathed with a mild climate in a warm situation.


So the Hotel Saint Jacques** is an ideal start for business journeys and for discovering the numerous natural sites (Vercors, Ardeche Mounts,...) and cultural sites nearby.



Some sites to visit near Valence :


Historical sites : Castles of Grignan, Suze la Rousse, of Adhémars, the Crest Tower;

- Natural sites : Vercors and its panoramic roads and views, its caves (Choranche, Luire);

Animal sites : The Ferme aux Crocodiles, The Upie Birds Garden, the Allex Aquarium;

Gastronomic sites : "Côtes du Rhône" Wine Cellars, Les Chocolats Valrhona, the "Palais des Bonbons et du Nougat";

Cultural sites : The Shoe Museum, the "Palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval", the Resistance Museum, the Water Museum ...



In Valence :

- The Jouvet Park,

- The Fine Art Museum,

- The Armenian Heritage Center,

- The "Maison des Têtes",

- The Cathedrale and the old town streets,

- Shows displayed by the Comedie de Valence,

and numerous other sites...




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